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Tell Me More (TMM) Innovation and Development Thursdays

Tell Me More... LogoTo start the year, the Executive Team announced some new and exciting directions and opportunities that 2023 will bring. As part of this new direction, the Training & Compliance and Marketing & Communication Teams have decided to make a transition to one of our regular programs. Formerly known as #LeasingChat, we will now be calling our program “Tell Me More…”. The change in name is meant to reflect a more inclusive approach because the audience this year will include more than just Leasing Associates.

What is “Tell Me More…” you ask. “Tell Me More…” is a weekly half hour call where Associates can plug in to sharpen their skills. We use this platform to bolster our development and to innovate together around improvements to our business operations.

Things that you might experience on this call are refreshers on existing Standard Operating Procedures or updates to expectations around Standard Operating Procedures, Policies and Procedures, and Best Practices. Each call is recorded and uploaded to Edge2Learn, our Learning Management System, so that Associates can refer back to the videos on demand.

Associates can join in every Thursday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and if you have a specific topic you want to see covered feel free to reach out to Lindsey with your suggestions!

We are excited to make these steps in growth at J.C. Hart as we learn along the way with all of our Associates!