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Corporate Office Team

Meet our corporate office Associates who are an important part of the J.C. Hart team.
Arjun Bhalla, Data and Analytics Manager
Arjun Bhalla
Data and Analytics Manager
Chris Williams, Regional Maintenance Supervisor
Chris Williams
Regional Maintenance Supervisor
Christina Carr, Regional Manager
Christina Carr
Regional Manager
Danny Dugger, Director of Maintenance
Danny Dugger
Director of Maintenance
Deb Gardner, Regional Manager
Deb Gardner
Regional Manager
Diana Eichman, HR Benefits and Payroll Coordinator
Diana Eichman
HR Benefits and Payroll Coordinator
Erica Thompson, Director of Marketing
Erica Thompson
Director of Marketing
Heather Dahlem, Talent Acquisition Specialist JC Hart
Heather Dahlem
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Jackie Roberts, Regional Manager JC Hart
Jackie Roberts
Regional Manager
Jami Khan, Staff Accountant JC Hart
Jami Khan
Staff Accountant
Jane Gosling, Director of Corporate Communications JC Hart
Jane Gosling
Director of Corporate Communications
Johnny Hart, Director of Development JC Hart
Johnny Hart
Director of Development
Kalie Karli, Recruiting and Wellness Coordinator JC Hart
Kalie Karle
HR Assistant and Wellness Coordinator
Lindsey Kesler, Director of Training and Compliance JC Hart
Lindsey Kesler
Director of Training and Compliance
Malachi Johnson, Asset Manager JC Hart
Malachi Johnson
Asset Manager
Mark Butler, Construction Project Manager JC Hart
Mark Butler
Construction Project Manager
Matt Harris, Financial Analyst JC Hart
Matt Harris
Financial Analyst
Mike Kalasmiki, Construction Project Manager JC Hart
Mike Kalasmiki
Construction Project Manager
Pam Smith, Construction Accounting Administrator JC Hart
Pam Smith
Construction Accounting Administrator
Rich Hamilton, Controller JC Hart
Rich Hamilton
Sha Strossner, Training and Compliance Manager JC Hart
Sha Strossner
Training and Compliance Manager
Sheila Wolter, Executive Advisor JC Hart
Sheila Wolter
Executive Advisor
Tracie Kraft, Training Program Manager JC Hart
Tracie Kraft
Training Program Manager