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Leadership Development: Challenge for Change

Leadership CohortAt J.C. Hart Company, strong leadership at every level plays a significant role in our success. We strive to position our key leaders to feel excited about their work, use their strengths every day, and get a chance to do what they are good at and what they love. We seek out best practices for helping leaders develop dynamic, enduring leadership competencies.

Leadership Development: Challenge for Change at J.C. Hart creates a collaborative learning environment for property management leaders to engage in critical thinking about leadership, tackle complex issues, share unique insights, and learn from one another. Aligned with J.C. Hart’s essential leadership skills and best practice disciplines, course content is influenced by feedback from Executives, Supervisors, Accelerators, and cohort groups. Content is delivered and reinforced using a combination of developmental relationships, multisource assessments and feedback, interactive training and experiential learning, group-dynamic games, coaching, practice and reflection. Together, key leaders develop competencies across four major areas of leadership: Social-Emotional Leadership Competencies (including Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, and Relational Management); Leadership Styles; Organizational Climate; and the Work of Leaders.

Leadership Development culminates with a graduation celebration where participants share their Vision of Greatness and plan for achieving it and they are encouraged to continue practicing and refreshing their leadership competencies, disciplines, and skills.

At J.C. Hart, we strive to attract and retain the best leaders and Teams in property management. We invest in our key leaders with the understanding that as individuals grow, companies flourish. Leadership Development: Challenge for Change is just one win-win investment that fuels our success!


“Every book, article, handout, worksheet, group activity - literally everything - correlates with one another and brings new meaning to leadership. This course compels us to be intentionally self-aware, both professionally and personally.”

Samantha Young, Community Manager at Penrose

“I didn’t know that Leadership Development would have such a profound impact on me before I experienced the course myself, I have always been hungry and eager to take advantage of every growth opportunity. Persistence does pay off”

Shay Hoffman, Community Manager at The Hamilton