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J.C. Hart Family Outing

One lovely summer Sunday in August, J.C. Hart’s annual family outing was held at the Indianapolis Zoo. It was the first time this special event, reserved for J.C. Hart Associates and their families and loved ones to hang out with other Associates and their families away from work, has ever been held at the Indy Zoo, but it probably won’t be the last. A delicious lunch buffet was enjoyed in the beautiful Bicentennial Pavilion while a hedgehog and baby alligator were brought out to educate and entertain the kiddos (and many of the adults!). A light, quick sprinkle as our group was exiting the Dolphin Pavilion following the exciting dolphin show was not enough to dampen our spirits or deter folks from exploring more fun exhibits at the zoo. Kangaroos, dolphins, leopards, elephants, orangutans, and giraffes, among many other flying, crawling, and swimming species, were doing their best to amaze and amuse everyone who attended J.C. Hart’s family outing.