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Humane Society for Hamilton County J.C. Hart Sponsorship

HSHC VolunteerAs a Corporate Sponsor for the Humane Society for Hamilton County (HSHC), we had the opportunity to volunteer at their new facility in Fishers! This state-of-the-art facility spans 40,000+ sq. ft. and it was amazing to see not only the larger space for the animals, but also how much more they are able to do in the space. The dogs have areas for exercise, the cats have indoor “catios,” and they even have their own medical areas with staff onsite. Not knowing exactly how the facilities were ran, it was interesting to learn what it takes to actually run a site, especially their new, larger facility! As one of the only true no-kill shelters in the country, it is incredibly warming to see them grow.

To help keep this beautiful space running smoothly, our Teams helped with the cleaning and upkeep on the interior and exterior areas. From sanitizing doors, clearing out pet hair from outdoor running areas, wiping down doors and baseboards, and cleaning bathrooms and kennels, we did it all! It was a humbling experience as we were just there for a couple of hours for two days. HSHC has volunteers there from open to close every day! Learning about everything the volunteers do and what upkeep is needed was incredible. The staff led us on a tour of the entire facility which included seeing all the cats and dogs in their kennels. It was so interesting to see where they keep their supplies, offices, and even their laundry areas. We were able to visit for a few moments with each dog and cat, knowing even just that short time was an interaction they were craving.

Along with being a Corporate Sponsor, we were also the Head Sponsor for their Pitbull Awareness Month in March! They dedicated the month of March to educate the community about facts versus fiction when it comes to Pitbulls. In each post (a couple even went viral!), J.C. Hart was mentioned as a Property Management Company that has no breed or weight restrictions at most of our communities! To help HSHC spread the word, we hosted a pet photo contest at each of our communities. Residents were encouraged to post or email a photo of their pet (regardless of breed) and were then entered to win a gift basket donated by Hollywood Feed.

Thank you to all our Associates who volunteered these two days: Jane Gosling, Michelle Norman, Bethany Boyd, Michael Glenn, Ali Small, Angie Gordeau, Kristin Baumgartner, Hannah Mills, Erica Thompson, Joe Phillips, and Sam Bondi! If you’re interested in adding a furry companion to your family, we highly recommend adopting. HSHC is always looking for volunteers as well, so if you’re looking to give back to the community, this is a great way to spend your time (or donation money!) Don’t forget, you receive 8 hours of paid Volunteer Time through J.C. Hart!