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Center for the Performing Arts Transportation Grant | J.C. Hart

Science of Light & Sound PhotoWe are so grateful that our company leadership has always placed a high importance on giving back to the communities in which we are a part. There are many types of needs to be met, whether that be working to fight food insecurity, increase access to mental health support, supporting social justice, and animal welfare. In particular our Chairman of the Board, John Hart has placed an emphasis on supporting organizations and programs that work to create equity in access to education for all children. A child’s access to education has exponential effects on their ability to live healthier lives, avoid incarceration, and earn more in their lifetimes, which all ripples out to future generations.

One of the programs that J.C. Hart is proud to support is the Center for the Performing Art’s Transportation Grant Program. The Transportation Grant Program is open to public, private, and homeschool groups. They can receive up to $600 per event in reimbursed costs to offset the transportations expense that often put these enrichment activities out of reach.

Our Marketing and Communication team had the pleasure to see first-hand the engagement of around 500-600 students at two programs the grant fund supports: the Science of Light and Sound and one of their Student Matinees, "Keep Marching: The Road to the March on Washington."

"Keep Marching: The Road to the March on Washington" is a one-act play about the 1963 March on Washington, led by Dr. MLK. This play brings music, social studies, and theater to life. The Science of Light and Sound is a 45-minute interactive program given by the Center's engineers that helps illustrate concepts of sound and light that the students are learning in alignment with the Indiana Department of Education’s standards for science. The opportunity to see science in action makes the concepts more concrete, and easier to understand.

The students at both of these programs were excited and enthralled, and the teachers and staff of the attending schools are grateful for the ability to bring their students to such a world-class venue to witness science and history in such an engaging way.

If you are interested in making your own donation to the Transportation Grant Fund you can contact Kathy Pataluch, the Director of Individual Development, at (317) 819-3536.
The Road to the March on Washington Photo