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Battle of the Building: Teachers' Treasures by Jane Gosling

J.C. Hart Company shares our building with CRG Residential and sometimes we turn our competitive natures towards a good cause. In August we teamed up for a competition between the two companies to see who could collect the most school supplies to be donated to Teachers' Treasures, an organization that obtains and distributes school supplies to Marion County teachers of students in need for free. CRG’s Sales/Marketing Coordinator, Leah Wolff, set up a points system so we could fairly count all of the supplies collected and on the final day of the competition, J.C. Hart earned bragging rights (and a yet-to-be-collected pizza lunch on CRG) for collecting 3,516 points worth of school supplies compared to CRG’s 1901 points of supplies. It was fun to see the boxes fill up with pads of paper, pencils, glue, and folders, knowing some fabulous teachers and deserving students would soon be putting them to good use.

If you’re interested in supporting teachers in Marion County, who often supplement their students’ needs out of their own pockets, consider hosting a school supply drive of your own! Go to their website for more information.