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2022 Summer Internship with J.C. Hart

The summer has come and gone, which means another year down for our Summer Interns! Each year at J.C. Hart we have had exceptional interns and this year was no different.

Just like any part-time and full-time Associate, J.C. Hart interns go through our 3-day orientation process to familiarize them with the J.C. Hart Way. Not only will they learn about their respective roles but will gain insight to the other departments. This year, our interns filled positions in Property Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Construction.

Our Property Management Intern, Sandra Munoz, experienced multiple facets of on-site property management including the sales and lease process, budget and financials, maintenance workflow, and Resident retention while working with our Team at Legacy Towns and Flats. Cheri Moreau, Community Manager, said, “Immersing our Intern in the varying tasks gave her firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day and gave our Team a chance to revisit the fundamentals. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement!”


Ethan Reinbrecht, our Construction Intern, was “an excellent intern on our project The Edge, he was always willing to learn and always on time to work,” according to Luis Gallardo, Construction Assistant superintendent. He was responsible of doing computer reports as safety walks (SWPPP) and sat in on weekly meetings. He also learned how to take photos for daily logs on the project.


Caleb Hamilton, our Accounting Intern, was needed more than ever. He came in and replaced our full-time Bookkeeper until a new permanent one could be hired, keeping the books organized and correct. “We didn’t miss a step and Caleb performed all the accounting duties perfectly. Our department would’ve fallen way behind if it wasn’t for the intern,” said Rich Hamilton, Controller.


Our Marketing Intern, Jenna Seward, was an incredible help to our Marketing Department. She was able to shadow different members of our Operations Team while also being able to gain insight from our Onsite Teams in the field. Jenna was imperative in organizing different systems while helping to put new ones into place. As someone with exceptional social media experience, she was also able to help with our social media presence both onsite and at Corporate. Hannah Mills, Marketing Coordinator said, “Jenna was such a huge help in our day-to-day tasks that can sometimes be overshadowed by larger projects. As someone who is looking to learn and do great work, she was such an asset to our team.”


Here at J.C. Hart we are so grateful for our Interns this year and look forward to helping those gain experience next year and the years to come.