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Tell Me More (TMM) Innovation and Development Thursdays
February 15, 2023
To start the year, the Executive Team announced some new and exciting directions and opportunities that 2023 will bring. As part of this new direction, the Training & Compliance and Marketing & Communication Teams have decided to make a transition to one of our regular programs.
Gleaner's Volunteer Crew
Gleaner's Drive-Thru Food Bank
February 1, 2023
A small crew of J.C. Hart volunteers signed up to work a shift at Gleaners drive-thru Food Bank in January. It was something we had not done before, but something we knew was important and much needed.
Block 20 Exterior
2022 Lease-Up Update
January 31, 2023
This past year, J.C. Hart had three communities in lease-up status: Block 20 (with Chase Development) in Downtown Indianapolis, Citys End in Fountain Square, and Continuum in West Lafayette. We were excited to build in Fountain Square for the first time and dive into the community there while continuing to build our relationships in Downtown Indianapolis and West Lafayette.
2022 Recruitment
January 25, 2023
It comes as no surprise that 2022 was another busy year for J.C. Hart. Over the course of the year, we hired 48 new Associates; 17 of which came from Associate referrals, 5 were returning J.C. Hart Associates, and 5 were from our connections with high school, college, and technical programs that we are partnered with.
J.C. Hart Online Reputation Awards 2022
J.C. Hart Online Reputation Awards in 2022
January 18, 2023
At J.C. Hart Company we strive to make your home an enjoyable living experience. If we are doing our job right, that should be reflected in our online reputation. In years past, we were proud to accept many awards based on reviews and 2022 was no different!
Wheeler Framing
J.C. Hart Communities Coming in 2023
January 11, 2023
We're coming into 2023 ready to go. With four new projects starting pre-leasing this year, J.C. Hart is staying busy.
Meals on Wheels kit build
J.C. Hart and Meals on Wheels
December 21, 2022
Thank you to all our Residents who helped support Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana and Mobile Meals of Toledo by donating food items for emergency bags for these agencys clients.
Continuum Team
Continuum Grand Opening
November 21, 2022
In early October J.C. Hart celebrated the grand opening of our community in West Lafayette Continuum along with our partners on this project; Browning Investments and Purdue Research Foundation, who were there to share in the celebration as well. Continuum is located in the Purdue Research Park, right on the edge of the Purdue campus.
Wellness Fair Team
J.C. Hart Wellness Fair
November 17, 2022
J.C. Hart Company is proud to offer our Associates a robust wellness program that addresses their physical, mental, and financial wellness. A major component of our wellness program is our Annual Wellness Fair which is held every November.
Spark Team as Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Halloween Costume Contest
November 4, 2022
Each year, J.C. Hart hosts a Halloween costume contest between the Onsite Teams and the Corporate Office. The winning team receives a trophy and the bragging rights for the year.