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Dr. Carrington Rotto Ph.D, Sr. Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Company Experience

Dr. Pamela Carrington Rotto began partnering with J.C. Hart in 2015 as a Gazelles International Certified Coach. She coached executive leaders as they developed a strong strategic vision and corresponding execution plan using disciplines and communication rhythms to drive alignment and accountability. She joined the company in January of 2016 to further this work, leading strategic thinking and execution planning as well as leadership development across the four major decision areas of people, strategy, execution, and cash.

Professional Accomplishments

Dr. Pamela Carrington Rotto brings to J.C. Hart more than 20 years of leadership and operating experience in the private business and not-for-profit social sectors. Pamela has delivered executive coaching, leadership development, strategic thinking and execution planning, program development, and outcome evaluation to executive teams in the education and business communities. With over 12 years of experience as President and CEO of a high growth organization that received the “Inspire! Organization of Excellence” award in 2010, Pamela understands how to create award-winning results and sustainable cultures. She is a proven leader and Gazelles International certified coach who helps maximize corporate culture and collaborative process as she assists organizations and their leaders to optimize the balance between people, performance and profit. These experiences fuel her tremendous connection with executive teams and associates.


Dr. Carrington Rotto is a licensed psychologist and Health Service Provider in Psychology (HSPP). She completed her undergraduate degree at Luther College in Decorah, IA and her doctoral degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Community Contributions

Dr. Carrington Rotto is a published author who presents nationally in the areas of leadership, mentoring, systems of care, and education. She has served as a Senior Fellow at the Sagamore Institute and a Consulting Partner with the Indiana Youth Institute where she led the development of the Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards. She is an active member of Carmel Lutheran Church where she serves as a high school small group leader and member of the college student ministry team.